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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    i am honored to tell you that Chen Minglou’s important painting Imperial City of the Southern Song Dynasty has been finished after five years ‘hardworking..
    The painting is half a meter in width, more than 28 meters in height. Size of people, buildings and other articles in the Painting for Imperial City of the Southern Song Dynasty is almost same with those in the “Along the River During the Qing Ming Festival”showed on the 2010 shanghai Expo, but the complexity of the former is far more than the latter, even more the whole size is seven times of the latter. On the painting, Zhaogou, the emperor of the Southern Song dynasty bids a farewell to marshal Yue Fei. The queen and concubines, eunuchs and maids go out for an excursion. From the painting, we see “Qiantang river of prosperous maritime transportation,”, “the salt bridge river reaches to the northern canal”, “ships from all over the world”, “inner and outer city walls”, palace and pavilions, house of imperial retinue, aids and troops, royal horse camp, six ministries’ offices, famous temples, towers, bridges and other building groups, the noisy entertainment zone on both sides of the Royal Street, prosperous silk and jewelry trading. It expresses the rich and colorful life of every profession.
    Taken an overlook of this painting, it’s majestic, splendid and vivid, as if it leads us get through the time tunnel, dream back to the ancient capital, Lin’an, of the Southern Song dynasty, we smelled the flowers, touched the clean water and feel the warm breeze, the soul and body completely immersed in the beautiful dream. It represents the prosperity of the ancient capital again, shows the charm and the skill of the traditional Chinese painting.
    More details, Welcome to visit: http://www.hzmoyuan.com
    Thank you!
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